Current Projects

The girls


Is a remake of ” The Aboke Girls” produced in 2001 in Uganda by the Dutch theatre company “Het Waterhuis”  Written by Moses Isigawa, Kees van Loenen and Marielle van Sauers. Triggered by the abduction of 200 school girls in Nigeria in april 2014. Wushwini arts centre asked director Roel Twijnstra to remake ” The girls of Aboke” which is a similar



Is an adaptation of Mia Couto’s novel into a site specific theatre project. A burnt out bus in a wasteland is where the action takes place between a young boy and an old man, trying to survive a civil war. They find shelter in the bus in which also the audience is seated. Around the bus memories and dreams come

Famished road

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Famished road. A stage adaptation of Ben Okri’s Booker prize-winning  novel “The Famished Road”  produced by Eager Artists in collaboration with Windybrow theatre (J’burg) Direction Roel Twijnstra & Jerry Pooe. Adaptation made by Liesbeth Colthof and Rieks Swarte, translation Tjerk Visser. First night 23 may 2013 in Windybrow theatre Johannesburg. After their succesfull adaptation of Zakes Mda’s novel “Madonna of