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    The girls

    Is a remake of ” The Aboke Girls” produced in 2001 in Uganda by the Dutch theatre company “Het Waterhuis”  Written by Moses Isigawa, Kees van Loenen and Marielle van Sauers. http://www.roeltwijnstra.nl/aboke-girls-uganda/ Triggered

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  • sleepwalkingland-600x337


    Is an adaptation of Mia Couto’s novel into a site specific theatre project. A burnt out bus in a wasteland is where the action takes place between a young boy

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    Famished road

    Famished road. A stage adaptation of Ben Okri’s Booker prize-winning  novel “The Famished Road”  produced by Eager Artists in collaboration with Windybrow theatre (J’burg) Direction Roel Twijnstra & Jerry Pooe.

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